Neeper, Cary. The Archives of Varok

Cary Neeper, The Archives of Varok series (1975-)

From Neeper's website:
Varok has maintained a no-growth economy, a steady state, in dynamic equilibrium over the ages since the Mutilation by following four basic rules:
  1. Give top priority to keeping the planet's ecology healthy,
  2. Use all renewable resources at or below the rate at which they can regenerate,
  3. Use all non-renewable resources, like precious metals, at a rate equal to their recovery rate or replacement by renewable resources, and
  4. In all eco-regions, create wastes at a rate no greater than the rate of their natural assimilation.
Varok defines the steady-state as that level of population and resource stocks that provide a good life and an equitable, sustainable standard of living over a long period of time. Throughput of matter and energy is maintained at the lowest possible rate to allow future generations the same quality of life enjoyed by the present generation. Birth and death rates are equalized and kept at the lowest possible levels, but those rates, as well as depletion rates of any resource, are subject to revision by popular vote.