Economic Science Fiction: Jo Lindsay Walton

I maintain the Economic Science Fiction & Fantasy Database, and am always looking for new entries, if you fancy writing something. There are a few more links and resources there. This page is more about my own writing and editorial work around economics and SFF.

'Public Money and Democracy,' a chapter in Economic Science Fictions, ed. Will Davies (2018). It's a vignette and a commentary, which together explore where money comes from, and also reflect on the use of speculative fiction as a critical tool.

A substantial interview with Rick Liebling at The Adjacent Possible (2018).

A substantial afterword for Strange Economics, ed. David Shultz (2018), an anthology of economic-themed science fiction and fantasy. It explores how economics itself sometimes operates like speculative fiction.

With Polina Levontin, I co-edited a special issue of Vector (#288) on the theme of economics and speculative fiction. Out mid-September 2018: join the BSFA to get a copy, or keep an eye on the website for excerpts.

Fiction-wise, there is 'Froggy Goes Piggy' (2016) at the Long+Short, which thinks a bit about crowdfunding and finance visualisation. 

Just Speculating was a workshop / symposium I organised at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, in 2018. I printed extra of the nifty programme / zine, so drop me a line if you'd like one.

Academic articles forthcoming on entrepreneurs and reputation in Cory Doctorow, and (with Liz Stainforth) on AI, cybernetics and economic planning in Ursula Le Guin and Matthew de Abaitua: if you'd like a sneak peek, hmu.